Gear Up For Winter With These Swedish Finds

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Gear Up For Winter With These Swedish Finds

New season, new gear. Our summer wardrobe is long gone from our closets, but we’re getting to the point where our fall fashions are going to be a little chilly without some extra layers.

In case you’re in the same boat, or closet, then take a look at some new Swedish winter finds to help with your wardrobe. We’ve divided our finds for both men and women based on climate.

From warmer winters to Swedish winters, we’ve got you covered.

SoCal Winters

Winter doesn’t mean the same for everyone. If you’re in a climate that doesn’t get too terribly cold, here are a few of our favorite picks.

Swedish Hasbeens Trail Boots

Hiking, but make it fashion.

Product image Trail Boot Clog


H&M Wool Coat

For those mornings when there’s just a thin layer of frost, this is all you need.

Wool-blend Coat - Beige -  | H&M US

Filippa K Rebecca Rib Sweater

Slouchy and cozy. Everything we love about winter, without the frigid temps.

Nudie Jeans Hightop Tilde Vintage Stone

Because jeans work for most moderate winter days.

Happy Socks

Maybe all you need is a sock that bridges the gap from your shoe to your pants line to stay warm.

Image result for happy socks cat socks SMJA01-2000

Middle of the Road Winter

If your winters are chilly, but not really in frost bite territory, check out these Swedish finds to keep you warm, but looking hot – if you catch our drift.

Vagabond Black Leather Boots

Slightly above the ankle, these lined boots will keep your toes warm and dry.

Haglöfs Essens Mimic Jacket

This is a nice weight. It’s insulated, without being overly heavy.

H&M Cable-Knit Sweater

This isn’t your mama’s cable-knit sweater. Well, it kind of is, but what comes around goes around.

Cable-knit Sweater - Dark turquoise - Ladies | H&M US

Acne Studios Corduroy trousers

Something about Corduroy feels more cozy and warm.

Swedish Stockings, Tiger print

Tights don’t have to be flesh tone and boring.

Frigid Tundra Life

If you’re in an area where pipes freeze on the regular, and you’ve got to dig your way out to go to school, these picks should keep you warm.

Icebug Ivalo2 M BUGrip

These studded boots will help you keep your step no matter the terrain.

Image result for Ivalo2 M BUGrip®

Fjällräven Singi Down Jacket

A parka with a faux fur collar? Yes please.


Acne Studios Mohair Dress

Head to toe, shoulder to wrist coverage. That’s what we’re talking about.

H&M Wool Dress Pants

If you have to go to work in formal wear, wool pants are the way to do it.

PeakPerformance Spirit Short Johns

Anyone else have a grandma who checked to see if they had their under Johns on? Because, obviously, you’d catch a cold.

Spirit Short Johns Women Grey melange | Peak Performance


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