Wheelys Café: Heaven On Wheels

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Wheelys Café: Heaven On Wheels

Imagine being your own boss and biking around serving coffee and snacks whenever and wherever you want.

Wheelys Café, which started in Sweden in 2014, does just that – to the tune of more than 900 mobile cafes in more than 80 countries.

The brainchild of three Swedes, Wheelys offers a variety of mobile cafes that owners can purchase and stock with artisan coffee from the likes of Ethiopia and Rwanda and organic snacks, treats, juices and other drinks. “Wheelers,” as they are called, can ride their solar-powered bike cafés to serve customers on busy street corners, at popular community events and everywhere in between.

According to Financial Times, 60 percent of Wheelys’ “locations” are in the United States, increasing the chance that you’ve either seen Wheelys in person or soon will.

If you’re interested in becoming a Wheeler, learn more here. But beware…Wheelys Café is so popular that it has sold out of bike cafés and won’t get its next batch until November.

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