What We’re Eating On Lördagsgodis

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What We’re Eating On Lördagsgodis

Imagine if America had a “Soda Saturday,” a special day that people looked forward to each week when they binge on the soda they’ve been bypassing, or at least limiting, all week.

If you’re a Swede, this may sound familiar to you. And that’s because Lördagsgodis (in English: Saturday Candy), is exactly that, but swap the soda with candy.

If you want more background on the history of Lördagsgodis, look no further as we’ve covered it before. But for now, we’re sharing some of our go-to candy picks for those sweet, sweet Saturdays.

Tip: In the States and craving your favorite Swedish sweets? Order online from NYC-based Swedish candy shops BonBon or Sockerbit.

(Like what you see below? These are all options at BonBon.)

The Sweet

Red Ferrari

Strawberry Vanilla Drop

Swedish Fish (the real kind)

Forest Berries

The Sour

Sour Peach Lips

Rambo Watermelon

Pinky Skulls

The Marshmallow


Fried Egg

Watermelon Oval

The Chocolate




The Licorice

Raspberry Licorice Toad

Sweet & Salty Licorice

Licorice Chalk

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