What Is Välling And Where Can You Find It In The States?

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What Is Välling And Where Can You Find It In The States?

A full baby is a happy baby (and a sleepy baby – moms, let’s be real, we love a sleepy baby).

For folks who grew up in Sweden, there was a pantry staple that satisfied your little ones like no other: Välling. According to Food Processing Technology, välling accounts for over two thirds of all baby cereal sales in Sweden, and recently, the product made its way to the States.

But what is it?

What is välling?

Välling is a watery, nutrient-dense and filling drink for babies and toddlers made primarily from ground oats. The ground oat mix comes in a powdered form and is mixed with water, breast milk or any kind of traditional or nut milk, resulting in a product that isn’t quite cereal but more than just milk.

The final product? A thicker, more filling milk. Perfect as a morning supplement or afternoon snack for your little ones who are working so hard to grow big and strong! Or as a last snack of the day to ensure a good (and long) night’s sleep.

Where to find it

While it’s not readily available, we’ve come across two retailers in the States that sell the baby-whispering milk mix: Bla Bla Foods and GROW Välling.

Bla Bla Foods

Based in California, Bla Bla Foods is the first company to produce välling in the States. Founder Louise Fritjofsson was born and raised in Sweden, and when she found herself Stateside with a growing family, she wanted välling, but it was nowhere to be found.

The rest speaks for itself.

Bla Bla Foods’ välling is made with three ingredients: organic oats, organic pea protein and organic coconut milk. The blend creates a drink with iron, calcium, magnesium and healthy fats, ideal for growing babes. The company has expanded to a second product, Smart Oats, an instant oat-based cereal that packs a nutritious punch with the addition of quinoa, chia seeds, acai, beets and coconut.

Individuals can order directly at blablafoods.com — either as a one-time purchase or with a subscription. In addition, customers can order online through Amazon (free shipping with Prime!) and in select San Francisco-based retail stores. A 10.5 oz. (12 servings) bag costs $7.99 with a discount to those who subscribe.

GROW Välling

Newer to the retail scene is startup GROW Välling. Founded by Christina Andersson, CEO and mom of a 3-year old, GROW is bringing some välling love to the East Coast. The brand just launched in New York with retail availability spread across the Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods (plus quite the outlier: Folks in Washington can find it at Scandinavian Specialties in Seattle).

GROW Välling’s version is a mix of grass-fed whole milk powder and sprouted oats, coconut oil, grass-fed bovine collagen, vitamins C and D, iron, calcium, magnesium and Omega 3 from fish oil.

Consumers outside of the New York and Seattle areas can shop online. An 8-ounce bag (12 servings) is $12. A bundle of three bags is $33.

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