Coming Soon: Waxin’s Restaurant & Bar in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

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Coming Soon: Waxin’s Restaurant & Bar in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

Floridians, gear up for fancy, yet approachable, Swedish-American cuisine coming soon to the Palm Beach, Fla., area.

Waxin’s, which will be located in Palm Beach Gardens, is scheduled to open in mid-February.

The menu will serve traditional Swedish fare like Swedish meatballs, Smörgåsstårtas and Toast Skagen while weaving in American classics.

“We brought over a Swedish chef who crafted the base of the menu, and we’ll have an American chef in the kitchen to help execute the right mix of both cuisines, so we’re catering to both Americans and Swedes,” said Patrik Waxin, founder of Waxin’s.

In addition to quality food, Waxin’s will offer craft cocktails, and the bar will incorporate an international flare.

The new establishment will offer upscale dining while maintaining a family-friendly environment. For example, instead of white table clothes, Waxin opted for white marble tables, both pleasing to the eye and easy to clean.

The layout caters to all levels of dining with a Chef’s room that will focus on pairing fine wine with fine dining, a Living Room with a casual mix of tables and TVs streaming live sports and The Garden for soaking up beautiful Florida sunshine while connecting with friends, according to the restaurant’s website.

Waxin and his team have put an abundance of time, energy and resources into crafting the new restaurant.

“I am confident we will have the best food in Palm Beach County,” Waxin said.

For more information, visit or keep up with the latest news via Facebook or Instagram.


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