The Virtuoso Who Is Swedish Jazz Sensation Gunhild Carling

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The Virtuoso Who Is Swedish Jazz Sensation Gunhild Carling

Bagpipe, trombone, trumpet, harp, harmonica and banjo only begin to cover the list of instruments that Gunhild Carling has mastered.

Carling was born in Gothenburg, Sweden and grew up in a household full of musicians. By the age of 7, Carling began touring with her family as a member of the Carling Family band. The band’s performances not only wow audiences with its musical abilities, but it also entertains with occasional vaudeville stunts like tap dancing, family pyramids and juggling.

Gunhild Carling continues to tour with the Carling Family in addition to touring solo and working with other artists. You may recognize her from her work with Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox on covers of Madonna’s “Material Girl” and Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up,” where she makes transitioning between multiple instruments (including the recorder and bagpipe), singing and tap dancing look easy.

Carling also is known for being able to play three trumpets at the same time. Her performances both in person and viewed online leave viewers wondering: “Is there anything this woman can’t do?”

Her 1920’s style is conveyed through her music, as well as through her attire – Carling often performs in flapper or fully-sequined dresses. Her look, combined with her energy and sheer talent, creates a picture of yesteryear that’s so clear, audiences may forget what decade they’re in.

For those of us in the States, we’ll have to enjoy her performances on YouTube for now: All of her upcoming performances will be in Sweden, France and Switzerland.

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