Vintage Volvos and One-Of-A-Kind Koenigseggs Making News

Photo by PSParrot, Flickr.


Vintage Volvos and One-Of-A-Kind Koenigseggs Making News

A couple of Swedish cars, like vintage Volvos and wicked cool koenigseggs, have been in the news of late for different reasons.

The Los Angeles Times recently featured a story about Seattle drivers’ passion for their old Volvos. The 240, both the sedan and wagon, “remain beloved in Seattle,” a city known for terrible traffic, writes Mike Seely.

On the other end of the spectrum, The Wall Street Journal featured hypercar maker Koenigsegg, calling it “The Swedish Car Ferrari Owners Envy” in its headline. The Journal’s A.J. Baine talked with Jeffrey Cheng, one of the rare owners of a Koenigsegg, of which only 134 exist. According to the story, Cheng purchased a second Koenigsegg, the Agera RS.

If you were hoping to get into the upcoming Regera at a cost of around $2 million, you missed your chance. Top Gear reported in June that all 80 of the cars had been sold. You can keep dreaming by watching Top Gear’s test drive of the Regera.

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