Viking Exhibition Lands in Salt Lake City

A Viking exhibition is coming to Salt Lake City, Utah.
Photos via National History Museum of Utah

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Viking Exhibition Lands in Salt Lake City

Vikings have landed in Salt Lake City.

The Natural History Museum of Utah is featuring “Vikings,” a viking exhibition that boasts more than 400 artifacts to give audiences a feel for daily life of those living in the Viking Age. The Swedish History Museum, based in Stockholm, and MuseumsPartner, an Austrian firm, created the exhibit, which includes jewelry, weapons and clothing – some of the items never have been seen outside of Scandinavia. (For other Scandinavian art in the states, check out our article, “Swedish Art Across The U.S.”)


Other highlights, according to the museum’s website, include a reconstruction of a Viking boat discovered in Norway, a digital version of a popular Viking strategy game that pre-dates chess and meeting Vikings, who roam the halls and share their stories and skills. The museum also has organized other events in conjunction with the viking exhibition, including Norse Fest, a celebration of Norse food, music and more that takes place Sept. 23.

“Vikings” runs through Jan. 1.

A Viking exhibition is coming to Salt Lake City, Utah and will house more than 400 artifacts from the Viking Age.
Vikings, a special exhibit, at the Natural History Museum of Utah.

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