Sound Check With Swedish Guitarist David Henriksson 

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Sound Check With Swedish Guitarist David Henriksson 

A couple months back, we introduced you to David Henriksson, a Swedish musician who moved to Nashville and three weeks later landed a gig as lead guitarist for county music star Tracy Lawrence.

In September, we had the chance to catch up with Henriksson at his Nashville home. He told us about his father, who plays the accordion, and his mother, who plays the keyed fiddle (or nyckelharpa), and the Swedish folk music they played that influenced his passion for music.

And he shared some of the favorite places he’s played, including legendary Nashville venues the Grand Ole Opry and the Ryman – he also played in front of 30,000 fans at Country Thunder, a festival in Arizona this summer, and enjoyed playing at the Georgia Theatre, a popular venue in Athens, Ga.

In our latest video, we focus on Henriksson’s guitar, not only the way it sounds, but also the story behind it and the equipment that has helped him make a name for himself in Music City.


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