Stepping On Up In The U.S. Marketplace: Vagabond Shoemakers

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Stepping On Up In The U.S. Marketplace: Vagabond Shoemakers

There’s a new shoe in town. And by town, we mean in Nordstrom.

Vagabond Shoemakers has become a global mainstay in the shoe world, distributing men’s and women’s footwear across more than 40 countries, most recently introducing Nordstrom to its roster of retailers.

With its oversized platform sandals, Chelsea boots, loafers and wooden block-heeled pumps, the brand beautifully combines classic quality and modern influences. Vagabond’s globally sourced materials include sheep leather and goat leather, and the shoes primarily are manufactured in Vietnam.

We chatted with Anna Fahle Björcke, head of Vagabond’s brand communications, and she talked to us about how the brand makes decisions to incorporate new accounts and retailers based on how past and current partnerships have performed. Joining forces with Nordstrom seemed to be a natural next step for the brand’s vision.

“We have always strived to be a high-quality fashion brand for all stylish people around the world,” Björcke said. “We have had a small presence in the U.S. market for many years, but as of recently, we are paying special attention to the requests and trends of the industry.”

The future looks bright for Vagabond, and Björcke believes that fostering personal and lasting brand partnerships will aid in its growth and continued global influence.

“We want to grow with our partners by keeping a close relationship with them,” Björcke said. “We are an accessory brand, and our intention is to grow with partners across the right channels.”

More partnerships with prominent social media influencers could be on the horizon, and Vagabond has already teamed up with a handful, like Cipriana Quann. As half of the New York-based Urban Bush Babes, Quann is precisely the sort of customer the brand hopes to attract. Quann has promoted a pair of pumps on her Instagram account, which has an impressive following of 172,000.

With reasonable price points, quality materials and an optimistically strategic brand vision, Vagabond is slated to continue expanding its influence. Find out more about the brand on its website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

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