Until Next Year, Mr. Gävle Goat, Until Next Year


Until Next Year, Mr. Gävle Goat, Until Next Year

2020 has arrived, and with that, the Christmas decorations come down. In Gävle, Sweden, that means taking down its 42-foot high, straw goat.

And while many lament the close of such a festive, joyous season – sad to see trees tossed on the side of the road like old, crusty couches, ornaments wrapped up in newspaper to collect dust in the basement for the next year, Christmas cards from loved ones thrown in the garbage, organizers in Gävle, on the other hand, celebrate.

Why? Because dismantling the towering straw goat means it made it out “alive.” He lasted the whole holiday season without someone setting it on fire. Ramming a car into it. Shooting it with an arrow (that’s on fire). You get the point.

For the third year in a row, Mr. Goat reigned over Castle Square in peace. Surrounded by protective barriers, security guards and a livestream documenting his every move (or lack thereof), he stood tall, strong and free of fire. And as one does when one escapes death by fire, he took to Twitter to celebrate.

Yes, those are lyrics from “A Star is Born.”

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