Celebrating a Year of Umgås: Our Most Popular Stories (5 through 1)

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Celebrating a Year of Umgås: Our Most Popular Stories (5 through 1)

To celebrate our first birthday, we’re sharing our Top 10 most popular stories since we launched the site according to you (our viewers). Yesterday, we shared Nos. 10 through 6. Today, we take a look at our Top 5.

  1. Vilket väder vi har, va? Don’t know what that means, no worries. Our fifth most popular story of the year highlights Joakin Andersson, the founder of Say it in Swedish (a FREE website that teaches you how to speak Swedish).
  1. So, you think you know Swedish music? After all, you do know the words to every ABBA song and regularly sing “Dancing Queen” after a trip to the local bar. See if Three Songs You Didn’t Know Were Swedish surprises you.
  1. Don’t know where to get a traditional Princess Cake in Los Angeles? Berolina Bakery and Pastry Shop has you covered, and its menu is mouthwatering!
  1. A Swedish home away from home. Did you know Minnesota is home to more than a half million Swedes? Here’s a list of Swedish must-dos if you’re planning a trip.
  1. Everyone’s got a little Swedish in them! Maybe not in actuality, but at least in spirit. Here are 5 Ways You Secretly Might Be Swedish, our most popular story of the year.

Thanks for reading and cheers to another year!

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