Umgås Exclusive: The Premiere of Ulrika’s ‘Love Goes’

Exclusive premiere of Ulrika video “Love Goes.”

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Umgås Exclusive: The Premiere of Ulrika’s ‘Love Goes’

Exclusive video premiere of Ulrika's “Love Goes.”

Last month, we introduced you to Ulrika, the Swedish singer, producer, designer, model and entrepreneur extraordinaire. 

Today, Umgås is thrilled to premiere the stunning video for Ulrika’s latest single, “Love Goes.” 

The song features Ulrika’s powerful and beautiful voice as it blends with moody synths and hollow 808 bass drums, building to a pulse-pounding finish. The video itself is an artistic masterpiece that not only showcases the singer’s talents as a graphic artist and designer, but also as a pop star on the rise. 

“We just shot the ‘Love Goes’ video a few days ago,” said Bravo Ocean Music Group’s Nick Chahwala, who did the cinematography and produced the song alongside teammate Charles Malone. “Ulrika first designed and animated the projector graphics. We shot that night and then she stayed up for two more nights editing the entire video on her laptop. Here we are suddenly releasing it to the world three days later.” 

“Love Goes” is part of Ulrika’s forthcoming album, due out later this year from Bravo Ocean Music Group, which also has worked with the likes of Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj.

“Powerful moments, people and love are the truths in my life that come inevitably and go unexpectedly,” Ulrika said. “Writing a song about it only helps me make a little sense of it.” 

Without further ado, we bring you “Love Goes.” Keep up with Ulrika at, and tell her what you think of the video on Facebook or YouTube.


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