Umgås Holiday Playlist 2019

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Umgås Holiday Playlist 2019

The holidays are here, and that can only mean one thing—family time.

Whether it’s the crazy cousins, the in-laws visiting or the aunt who won’t stop asking what you’re doing with your life, there is always chaos around the holidays. What better way to escape than a holiday playlist?

We’ve thrown together a mix of Scandinavian artists to keep your spirits bright this holiday season. When the chaos strikes, just pop in your headphones and hit play.

It surely will put you back in the holiday spirit!

If the Spotify playlist ends, and you need a little more “me time,” check out some of our previous articles written about Scandinavian artists such as Peg Parnevik, Zara Larsson, Chris Kläfford and singer/songwriter/producer Max Martin.

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