Umgås Holiday Gift Guide: For The Kids

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Umgås Holiday Gift Guide: For The Kids

The 2018 Umgås Holiday Gift Guide is here.

We all love the holidays. But, kids really love the holidays. Here are some of our faves for the little ones in our lives.

Playsam Roadster ($222 – half off at time of writing)

Just imagine your little one motoring around the house on this. Just make sure little brother or sister gets out of the way!

IKEA Blahåj ($17.99)

Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo…


IKEA Duktig ($79.99)

What kid would turn down a play kitchen, especially a sleek, modern-looking one from IKEA?

 Playsam Rocking Red Rabbit ($90.29 – half off at time of writing)

Your little one will love rocking back and forth on this cute little rabbit.


 Brio Labyrinth ($39.99)

Test your mind and hand-eye coordination with this classic game, which was introduced in 1946.

Brio Railway World Deluxe Set ($399.99)

Planes, trains and automobiles… this set has it all for your little imaginative builder.


 Hemslojd Plush Dala Horse ($39.95)

Cuddly, cute and classic: This dala horse is the perfect toy for your child to show off their Swedish heritage.

Relevant Play Kinetic Sand ($42.50)

A product with Swedish roots, Kinetic Sand is a blast to shape, and it cleans up easily, too!



ECOHIP Dala Horse Toy Storage Bin ($8.99)

You’re going to need a place to store all these goodies. What better than a dala horse bin that also can be used as a laundry hamper?

 IKEA Trofast ($69.99)

And if you need a little more storage, you know you always can turn back to IKEA.

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