Umgås Holiday Gift Guide: Fika Lover

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Umgås Holiday Gift Guide: Fika Lover

The Swedes have a world-renowned reputation for fika, the daily ritual of taking a break to indulge in coffee and pastries. They love it, and the Umgås team and our readers do, too!

Help the fika lover in your life, Swedish or not, celebrate their passion for coffee and pastries with these fun gifts. 

Gevalia coffee ($6.99)

You never can have too much coffee, right? Add this high-quality Swedish blend to someone’s coffee stash.

Gevalia Breakfast Blend Regular Ground 

Coffee Canister ($2.99)

Friends don’t let other friends drink stale coffee. Keep the coffee or tea fresh with this stylish canister from IKEA.

Stelton Theo Coffee Maker ($75)

Making coffee with this elegant stoneware will leads to some delicious and unforgettable experiences.

Stelton Theo Coffee Maker

Stelton To-Go Travel Mug ($35)

The sleek design and functionality of this Scandinavian travel mug makes it a perfect gift for any on-the-go coffee drinker. Bonus, there a variety of colors to choose from!

Stelton To Go Click 360 Travel Mug

Fika Throw Pillow ($21.01)

Sit back and relax on this throw pillow while enjoying your cup of joe.

‘On A Roll’ Journal ($21.36)

Make writing or doodling time fun with a sweet cinnamon bun journal.


Chocolates (Price Varies)

Fill up on your favorite Swedish chocolates from Sockerbit. They are the perfect stocking stuffer to satisfy your sweet tooth.


‘Fika That!’ ($16.29)

Learn some fun tidbits about Swedish culture and philosophy with this uplifting book, “Fika That! The Swedish Secret to Coffee, Caring & Connection” by Émile and Åsa Odbäck.

Nordic Posters ($10)

Keep Scandinavian principles in mind with these sayings around the house.

Ginger Snaps & Vanilla Dream Cookie Tin from Unna Bakery ($14.99)

These cookies from Unna Bakery are the perfect fika snack with no baking required. Put a bow on the tin, and place it under the tree until your gift exchange.

Unna Bakery Holiday tin product shot


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