Celebrating a Year of Umgås: Our Favorite Stories

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Celebrating a Year of Umgås: Our Favorite Stories

As we continue to celebrate our first birthday, we’re taking a look back at our favorite stories of the year. Some were quite popular with you; others didn’t gain as much traction, but we thought they deserved a second look.

We went through our archives of more than 250 stories and whittled it down to our Top 25 Favorite Stories of the Year (in no particular order). Enjoy!

  • Swedish vs. American Candy (VIDEO) – one of several videos we produced, some of our staff and their friends taste-tested candies from Sweden and America.
  • Having the Time of Their Lives – Arrival from Sweden is one of the world’s most popular tribute bands. And why not? They honor the music of ABBA.
  • Svenskamerika – Minnesota – Another one of our most popular stories, here’s a look at the state half a million ethnic Swedes call home.
  • A Very Swedish Accordion Player – Ellen Lindstrom is the face and beloved accordion player of The Swedish Meatballs, which plays Scandinavian events and festivals.
  • The Art of Sweding – Want to make movies but don’t have the money? Try Sweded films.

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