Umgås Holiday Gift Guide: The Sports Fan

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Umgås Holiday Gift Guide: The Sports Fan

The 2018 Umgås Holiday Gift Guide is here.

Everyone knows a sports fanatic in their lives, and we’re here to help you find the right gift for them during the holidays. Below are 10 gifts that will take the stress out of shopping for the sports fan in your life.

adidas Sweden Home Jersey 2018 ($89.99)

Want to reminisce about Sweden’s awesome World Cup performance? This bright yellow soccer jersey is the best way to show your Swedish pride.


Fjällräven Greenland Winter Jacket ($300)

For the cold wintery days watching your team from the stands, this Fjällräven jacket is a nice addition to keep you warm.


Sweden Scarf ($29.95)

Let your colors show with this Swedish scarf.


Sweden Hockey Knit Beanie ($27.99)

Display Sweden’s golden yellow with this cozy knitted beanie.


Nicklas Bäckström Jersey ($169.99)

You can never have too many jerseys. So, why not add Washington Capitals’ center Nicklas Bäckström’s jersey to the collection?


Zlatan Ibrahimović Poster ($16)

A self-confessed Swedish legend. Zlatan is probably shocked you don’t own this already.


Swedish Flag Stein ($25.60)

Swedes are playing sports all around the world, and sometimes, that means you have to stay up at odd hours to watch games and matches. Keep your sports fan fueled with this Swedish flag stein.


Sweden Flag ($14.95) and Swedish Flag Keychain ($9.99)

The World Cup is long gone, but this flag and keychain are still great gifts. A show of fandom for any true sports fan.


Sweden Flag & Kronor T-shirt ($14.95)

While it might be too chilly to wear this T-shirt right now, this will be a go-to for the summer months.


The Fan Cave

Not a fan of attending live games? Well, this bonus section is for you. Check out the Umgås Fan Cave.

IKEA Memory Foam Sofa ($599)

When people say “comfort of your own home,” this memory foam sofa is what they have in mind. It’s a comfortable win for everyone.


FIFA 19 (PS4) ($59.99)

If attending games isn’t for them, then FIFA 19 probably is a good alternative. They’ll sit on that new IKEA sofa yelling at the TV while leading Sweden to glory. Just ignore Ronaldo on the cover.


IKEA TV Stand ($285)

If your sports fan prefers watching from the comfort of their own home or playing FIFA, they can set their big-screen TV on this stylish IKEA TV Stand.


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