The Twelfth War Between Sweden and Denmark

Photo: Carl Wahlbom


The Twelfth War Between Sweden and Denmark

2000px-Twitter_Logo_Mini.svgOh my goodness, can it be true? Are Sweden and Denmark really at war with each other?

Well, if you count Twitter as the battlefield, they recently did have a war – of words.

In early July, the insults were flying fast and furious. The banter seems to have now ceased, which is good since Sweden and Denmark have engaged in real war 11 times between 1521 and 1814. With more than 200 years of peace between them, we wouldn’t want that to change!

Everything from speech patterns to lakes and mountains were under siege in this hilarious battle that captured the world’s attention. When the gloves came off and Sweden mocked Denmark’s fertility rate, we were surprised the real troops weren’t called out!

Keep in mind that both offending accounts are official Twitter accounts operated by the Swedish Institute and the Danish Foreign Ministry, who normally use their social feeds to promote their countries and give related information of interest to the public.

Fun rivalries are commonplace all over the world with villages, cities, mayors and especially sports teams being famous for calling out their “frenemies.” Luckily in this battle, the only casualty was a bit of pride as Denmark was put in its place time and time again.

We may be a little biased, but we think Sweden won the tit-for-tat. Mountains, islands, forests, peace time and even a character on The Muppets. Sure, Denmark got in its jabs… don’t worry Denmark, we still love you!

And we love that both countries got some nice attention for their war of words.

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