Trick Or Treat: Our Halloween Feelings (Swedish Edition)

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Trick Or Treat: Our Halloween Feelings (Swedish Edition)

If there is one night a year when we can eat our feelings, in candy, Halloween is that night.

We’ve got a lot of candy thoughts here at Umgås, and let’s face it, we also love dressing up like a different person for an evening.

So, if you’re like us, and you like memes, gifs and Halloween, this post is for you, friend.

We’ll take gummy treats over gravlax today, thanks.

When you need to carve a pumpkin really quick.

Image result for swedish chef pumpkin chainsaw

Because Daim is superior.

Looking over your kid’s shoulder when they nabbed your favorite treats.

Dressing up as a singer just gives you the ability to sing and blame it on being “in character.”

Real licorice eaters know…

TFW you’re at a costume party, and you see a cutie at the bar and you know you can lurk without looking totally creepy.

When you look down at the empty bag of candy and start to ponder life choices.

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