Throw Your Own Midsummer Celebration

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Throw Your Own Midsummer Celebration

It’s time to celebrate Midsummer! Midsummer Eve is Friday, and some celebrations will last the whole weekend.

If you want to celebrate like a Swede, here are a few staples to ensure a successful Swedish Midsummer party.

Berry Cake

A classic Midsummer dish, the strawberry cream cake features homemade sponge cake, a light cream filling and strawberries on top. If you’re looking to change up the recipe, try adding in different kinds of berries. This strawberry Midsummer cake recipe from the Great British Chefs adds in a few raspberries.


Is it really a Swedish celebration if it doesn’t feature aquavit? We recently posted a delish aquavit cocktail that’s chock full of fresh basil. If that doesn’t scream summer, we don’t know what does.


A maypole is the centerpiece of any Midsummer party. Maypoles usually are covered in flowers or ribbons and danced around in true Swedish Midsummer fashion. Martha Stewart shows how you can build one for your own yard, or you can create smaller ones as a trinket, decoration or garnish.


Check out our style guide for what to wear during your Midsummer celebration. If you’ve got the gear, you should wear traditional Swedish dress – if not, go light and airy, since the celebrations are likely to be outside in the heat.


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