Keeping Time With Three Upstart Swedish Watchmakers

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Keeping Time With Three Upstart Swedish Watchmakers

When it comes to Swedish watch brands, Daniel Wellington has set the bar awfully high.

DW, thanks in large part to using social platforms to introduce, grow and market the brand, quickly has become a worldwide sensation since it started in 2011.

Here are three other Swedish watchmakers who have caught our attention.

Photo: Ivy Watch Co.

Ivy Watch Co.

Ivy Watch Co., started in 2016, strives to produce quality sports watches at affordable prices. Ranging from $190-$300 (and free worldwide shipping), we’d say it has accomplished its goal. Drawing inspiration from Ivy League students of the 1960s, “The Montauk” features either an off-white or charcoal dial and either a NATO or leather strap – the leather comes from Tärnsjö Tannery about an hour away from Ivy Watch Co.’s Stockholm headquarters. We love the clean, simple – but not too simple – and sporty look that would be natural whether the guys in our life are going to work or out on the town.

Photo: Knut Gadd

Knut Gadd

The husband-wife team of Carl-Johan and Therese Gadd launched Knut Gadd in Stockholm in 2014. The company features men’s and women’s watches, most of which range from $180-$220 with a few models at $280 (and free shipping). Knut Gadd offers leather or steel bracelet bands to fit your personal style. Although the Decagon Steel with black face and black leather (men) and Octagon Gold with brown leather (women) are our favorites, check out its special edition watches for the brand’s most exclusive timepieces.

Photo: BOOM Watches

Boom Watches

Niklas Dahlgren used a 2016 crowdfunding campaign that racked up more than $500,000 to fuel BOOM Watches. We love that you can either design your own watch on BOOM website’s addictive tool or purchase one of its models for under $120 (and free shipping). What we love even more are the men’s and women’s gift boxes ($220-$350) that include different faces and bands (like having three or four watches in one) that even the most technically challenged can take apart and put back together for different looks for different events. For the guys, check out the Brinna Midnight or Bida Slate; for the ladies, how about the Nalka Gray or Stunda Ivory?

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