Three Swedish Bikes We’d Love to Ride

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Three Swedish Bikes We’d Love to Ride

Known for being eco-friendly, it’s no surprise that many people in Sweden opt for two wheels instead of four when it comes to modes of transportation. Combine the country’s appreciation for bikes, with its clean, innovative design and you’ll find yourself dreaming up the perfect minimalist, modern-style bike.

Here are three Swedish bikes that we’d love to ride.

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Walleräng’s Modular 01

All of Walleräng’s bicycles are built by hand in Gothenburg. The company makes e-bikes with a modular cargo system to help users transport themselves and adjust their storage solution based on their needs. The Modular 01 (M01) bicycle is unisex, and the electric system lets the rider easily shift from gear to gear. The M01 is currently on the market for 3,495€ (that’s about $4,032), but you can only get your hands on one if you go into one of Walleräng’s European store locations.


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Vélosophy’s VE Comfort

Vélosophy’s bicycles are made with a mission in mind. For each bike purchased, a bike is donated to a schoolgirl in Ghana. The Vé Comfort three-speed is designed for the city commuter. The placement of certain features, including the seat and the handlebars, “places the rider in a comfortable, upright position, that is gentle on your back making the Comfy Edition ideal for everyone looking for a classic riding experience,” according to Vélosophy’s website. The Comfort features a pop of color  ̶  we personally love it in orange. This bike is listed at 8,900 SEK, or nearly $1,075, and you can get the product shipped to the States.


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Skeppshult’s Nature

We love the Nature model by Skeppshult because of its classic colors and style. Skeppshult created this model to allow “a smooth ride in all terrain.” The body of the men’s version is black with forest green touches and the women’s version is “mocha metallic” with touches of black. Skeppshult makes its bikes in Sweden and sells them in America, and according to its website, it has been awarded a royal warrant, a distinction given by the King of Sweden to companies that demonstrate craftsmanship and high-quality products. The Nature model runs $1,795.

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