There’s Nothing Like A Swede Easter Basket

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There’s Nothing Like A Swede Easter Basket

With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be tossing into your Easter baskets. The customs may differ around the world (like celebrations in Sweden, which consist of witches and colorful birch branches), but one thing remains the same: the love for Swedes, we mean sweets, in our Easter baskets.

Here are a few ideas you can pass along to the Easter bunny in your life.

Egg-cellent choices

Sockerbit offers both a decorated Easter egg that you can fill with candies of your choice, or a pre-filled egg with a sweet and sour mix. You also can get a bag of Citrus Eggs. Eggs inside of eggs – we love it.

Fruity, fun flavors

Another one of our favorite Swedish shops, BonBon, also ca help fill your Easter basket. For sweet candies, Swedish Fish always are a welcomed choice, as are fan favorites like Strawberry Rocks and Forest Berries. For sour lovers, try some Rambo Watermelon.

Chocolate, licorice and other sweet treats

If you’re looking for chocolate, go with some Marabou Milk Chocolate. You also could go with some Daim, or the American knockoff, Skor.

If you’re like us, you were the kid who threw away all the black jelly beans. But now that our palates have matured, we recommend these Caramel Marshmallow Licorice bites and Super Salty Coins.

The sleeves of Kafferep cookies IKEA sells are a perfect basket addition (like these biscuit cookies with raspberry filling). They have several varieties you can choose from, and the packaging just happens to be pastel and perfect for Easter.

Trinkets and finishing touches

No Easter gift basket is complete without a few gifts. Fortunately, companies like Scandinavian Shoppe and Wooden Spoon have you covered. Other ideas include small gear like socks, milk frothers for your fika lover and funky drinking ware for the kids – no matter how old they are.

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