The Best Swedish Dad Jokes


The Best Swedish Dad Jokes

You’ve heard of dad jokes, right? Those short, one-liners that dads like to throw out at the most embarrassing times because they’re practicing for their stand-up special that will never, EVER, happen…

We found the best of the best when it comes to Swedish dad jokes. We looked high and low on Reddit, Twitter and across the internet. If you’ve got a Swede joke, send it our way.

I asked my Swedish friend, “Who are the dumbest Scandinavians?”

He said, “Norway am I going to answer that question.” (source)

A Swedish woman, two Swedish men and then another Swedish woman walk into…

Ab-Ba. (source)

What do Scandinavians eat with their burgers?

Swede potato fries. (source)

Where do desserts go on holiday?

Scone-dinavia. (source)

Waitress: Are you finished?

Dad: No, I’m not Finnish, I’m Swedish.

Why did the vampire like eating Scandinavians?

He had a Swede tooth. (source)

Want to hear a Swedish joke?

Never mind. There’s Norway I could Finnish it. (source)

Why do the Swedish have barcodes on the side of their ships?

So they can Scandinavian. (source)

I totaled my Swedish car today…

But you don’t want to hear my Saab story. (source)

Why does Swedish sugar taste better?

It’s Sweder. (source)

What do you call a Swedish assassin?

Jason Björn. (source)

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