On Taco Fredag, enjoy tacos like a Swede

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On Taco Fredag, enjoy tacos like a Swede

On Tuesdays in cities across the United States, the margaritas flow, restaurants serve up happy hour taco specials and groups of friends get together for family-style tacos at home because it’s #TacoTuesday!

But in Sweden and other Nordic countries, tacos are for Fridays, aka Taco Fredag.

Taco Fridays is part of Fredagsmys or “Cozy Fridays,” the Swedish tradition of cozying up with a group of friends on a Friday night. The gathering often includes activities like board games and binging on the best TV shows. One thing is certain: Food is involved.

“Taco Fridays is a really popular thing across Sweden, at least in the cities I visited,” said Sara Broyles, who spent time visiting family in Sweden last summer. “Grocery stores and convenience stores even have aisles and sections completely dedicated to it.”

Taco Fredag typically is served family-style with ground meat, soft shells and all the fixings: guacamole, diced tomato, cheese, corn, peppers and whatever else you enjoy (because there’s no wrong way to eat tacos!).

Before you get to cooking, be sure to catch up on your Swedish lingo with this two-minute tutorial from TheSwedishLad teaching 10 Swedish words about a Fredagsmys taco dinner.

And if you’re feeling for a little extra, try this taco quiche from Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson, which you can find in his “The Nordic Cookbook.”


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