4 Surprising Swedish Wedding Traditions


4 Surprising Swedish Wedding Traditions

Cultural traditions often are best seen, heard or experienced at a wedding. Couples can keep customs as they are or opt to add their own flare. Swedes, of course, are not exempt from having their own special routines. It’s even told that the tradition of brides and bridesmaids carrying flowers came out of a Swedish wedding tradition where the bridesmaids carried weeds to ward off trolls. Here are a few popular current Swedish wedding traditions we found surprising and eclectic.

Coins in the bride’s shoes

According to The Knot, this tradition symbolizes good finances for the couple. One gold coin in the right shoe from the bride’s father and one silver coin in the left shoe from the mother guarantees the bride “will never go without.”

The bride receives three rings

The bride to be receives one ring for engagement and two more on her wedding day: one that symbolizes the vows taken at the wedding and one that symbolizes pregnancy. We’re loving the extra ring bling!

Guests wearing red is a no-no

In Sweden, some say wearing red to a wedding means you’re a former lover of the groom! Stick to greens, purples and blues to play it safe.

The bride or groom shouldn’t leave their new spouse’s side

If the groom steps out of the room, anyone is welcome to kiss the bride and same goes for the groom if the bride steps away. Occasionally a line is formed as the guests wait their turn to kiss one half of the new couple.

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