A Swedish Treat: Berolina Bakery and Pastry Shop

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A Swedish Treat: Berolina Bakery and Pastry Shop

Anders and Youna, Photo: Berolina Bakery

Looking for a lighter fare, Princess Cake and other delicate Swedish-baked goods?

For more than 25 years, Anders and Youna Karlsson have been making and selling Scandinavian and European pastries, artisan breads, waffles and more out of their Los Angeles store, Berolina Bakery and Pastry Shop.

Berolina’s versatile menu offers breakfast, lunch and dinner along with dozens of pastries and desserts. From the Swedish Style Oatmeal made with apple sauce, lingonberry jam and hot milk to the variety of croissants, Danishes and custom cakes, each recipe is authentic and traditional.

“Anders was born and raised in Stockholm, where he started baking at a young age,” Youna Karlsson said. “He started working as an apprentice in several bakeries when he was about 16 years old.”

image-of-the-outsideAfter learning and mastering different techniques and recipes from experts in his hometown, Karlsson wanted to bring his talents to the United States. But, before moving to sunny California, the couple traveled around Europe and to American cities, visiting bakeries, restaurants and baking shows and taking classes, learning as much as they could about the craft.

“Anders taught me everything he knew about baking,” Youna Karlsson said.

Princess cake decorated for Christmas, Photo: Berolina Bakery

Today Berolina Bakery is known as the friendly European bakery with the “highest quality baked goods.” Some of the most popular Swedish pastries include the Saffron Braid, Swedish Style Limpa (traditional Swedish rye bread) and, of course, the very traditional Princess Cake.

“We sell most of our Swedish items around the holidays,” Youna Karlsson said. “People often order the Lucia buns, Semla (Swedish Lent bun – a cardamom bun filled with almond paste and topped with whipped cream) and we do seasonally decorated Princess Cakes.”

Berolina also caters for a number of events around town hosted by SWEA Los Angeles, like the annual Swedish Christmas Fair, and recently catered the Midsummer celebration hosted by Swedish American Central Association.

Drop on in at 3421 Ocean View Blvd. in Glendale, a short drive from the Los Angeles Zoo.

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