Swedish Sports Drink Goes Brandless for the Pros


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Swedish Sports Drink Goes Brandless for the Pros

Move over Gatorade, there’s a new sports drink taking over. Maurten, a Swedish sports drink company, has revolutionized sports, fueling athletes with its carbohydrate-rich sports drinks. While continuing to be a disruptor in the industry, the company has recently rebranded itself. Well, unbranded to be exact.

Maurten and its ad agency, Akestam Holst, recently unveiled a new line of sports drinks, “Maurten Unofficial.” According to its website, “The Unofficial range contains the exact same ingredients as the official Maurten products, it’s just the packaging that is different.”

The packaging has been stripped of color and branding, opting for a silver pouch and a white transparent bottle with a blurred label. The main reason for this move was to allow current athletes that are already using its products, to continue doing so without endangering existing sponsorship agreements.

To promote the release of “Maurten Unofficial,” a series of short videos were released. The ads contain your usual elements in a sports drink commercial: athletes training, inspirational narration and well-lit product shots. The spots feel like a Gatorade and Black Mirror crossover, featuring eerie music and elite athletes who have their faces pixelated and voices distorted.


Maurten’s hydrogel technology is made with a combination of extracted cell walls from brown algae known as alginate, and pectin, a gelatin-like substance often found in apples, lemons and carrots.

Whatever it’s doing appears to be working. Eliud Kipchoge, a marathon runner, broke the marathon world record twice; both times using Maurten. The website also boasts that the twenty latest major marathon winners have all used their products.

Who could some of these anonymous athletes using their products be? It wouldn’t be surprising if Meraf Bahta, Swedish middle-distance runner who holds the eleventh fastest marathon time among women this year, has been using Maurten. With the way Zlatan Ibrahimović is still running at 37 years old, he very well could be a Maurten athlete.

The Unofficial products are available online and in 15 stores worldwide.

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