In The News: Swedish Researchers Discover New Language

Photo: Niclas Burenhult/Lund University

In the News

In The News: Swedish Researchers Discover New Language

A group of Swedish linguists and researchers from Lund University identified a new language that has not been recognized outside of a small group in the Malay Peninsula. The language is being called “Jedek.”

“There are so many undocumented, undescribed languages that nobody has worked with,” Joanne Yager, a doctoral student at Lund University, told NPR. “But the difference here is … we didn’t know that it existed at all. Most languages that are undescribed and undocumented, we know that they exist.”

Also in the news…

Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Estelle sport similar color-scheme on several occasions

The Swedish royals recently released a family portrait in celebration of 200 years of the Swedish monarchy. The portrait features three generations: King Carl XVI, his daughter Crown Princess Victoria and her daughter Princess Estelle. Harper’s Bazaar admired the mother-daughter duo for wearing a similar blue shade as well as for perfectly color-coordinating at several other royal occasions.

A Swedish meatball recipe that replicates childhood memories

Earlier this week, a columnist and cookbook author for the Post-Tribune of Northwest Indiana reminisced about a childhood annual outing to a restaurant that offered a Swedish smörgåsbord. And his most vivid memory is of the all-you-can-eat meatballs served with a creamy gravy. Since the restaurant closed in the mid-1990s, he finally has found a recipe that comes close to the meatballs he remembers.

Swedish soccer club launches popular apparel

The popular Swedish soccer club, Allmänna Idrottsklubben, known as AIK, launched a limited edition sportwear Nike kit that sold out within six minutes. The appealing sports tees not only look nice and represent AIK, but they also are a tribute to the club’s 1900 and 1901 teams, according to Sport Illustrated 

Rutgers signs Swedish defensive lineman

On National Signing Day, announced a new Swedish addition to Rutgers’ defensive line for the 2018 season, Robin Jutwreten. The 6–5, 235-pound lineman got some help from Premier Players INTL, a company that helps international football players find collegiate opportunities in the States.

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