Some Swedish Plant-Based Food Alternatives

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Some Swedish Plant-Based Food Alternatives

Thanks to global-wide climate conversation (we’re looking at you, Greta), people are starting to think twice about the choices they make. From how we travel to what we eat, we’re thinking about the environmental impact we have – and the bigger impact all the way up the supply chain.

We’ve rounded up four Swedish companies that are serving up plant-based food alternatives that can help us feel a little better about our environmental footprints.


Oumph! is dishing up soybean-based foods that you wouldn’t believe are vegan. We highlighted some of the most mouthwatering Instagram posts a little while back and now that we see this again, we’re so happy it’s expanding to the United States. When will we see this on shelves?!


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We’ve recently highlighted Oatly, and for a good reason. Alternative milks are all the rage, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our swap from full dairy to an oat-based milk. Oatly is one of the more commercially available brands on this list, which has rolled out in a big way in the United States.

Get it…rolled out?


This vegan company is based outside of Stockholm, but dang we wish they sold to the States. According to its Instagram page, the company just launched a chorizo product. Hello! And according to its website, VegMe also offers mayonnaise and aioli, both completely free of milk, eggs, preservatives and citric acid.


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Again, only in Sweden, but finding an alternative pizza option is hard. We do love a good cauliflower pizza crust, but making one from scratch is annoying. Which is why we’re super intrigued by Anamma’s pizza option. If this name sounds familiar, Anamma is the company tapped by McDonalds to help introduce a plant-based burger in Sweden.


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