Are All Swedish Pilots Beautiful?

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Are All Swedish Pilots Beautiful?

We keep a close eye on any viral Swedish news, and every couple of months or so, there seems to be another Swedish pilot in the news for being both beautiful and talented.

At this point, it was time for a roundup.

Meet the Swedish pilots tearing up the sky (and the ‘gram).

Fun fact: Maria Fagerström actually is dating Viktor Fors. The couple celebrated their one-year anniversary in June. And it looks like Maria, Maria and Malin all fly in the same friend circles (see what we did there)? Ahh, the friends who fly together, stay together.

Pilot Molly

Pilot Maria Pettersson

Pilot Viktor Fors

A post shared by VIKTOR FORS (@viktorfors) on

A post shared by VIKTOR FORS (@viktorfors) on

Pilot Malin Rydqvist

Pilot Maria Fagerström

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