Swedish Office Supplies For A Sleek Desk Look

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Swedish Office Supplies For A Sleek Desk Look

We’re strong believers that a clean, organized desk makes for a better working environment, and there’s no better aesthetic to incorporate into your office space than a simplistic, minimalist Swedish vibe to keep your thoughts (and papers) organized during the day.

For most of us, our desk and chairs are provided, so we’re dreaming up the accessories, décor and other things that shape up our workspaces.

Here are some Swedish products (that you can’t find at IKEA) to help make your desk a Swedish solstice – making those spreadsheets and TPS reports a little more bearable.


The first step to keeping your space clean is doing something with all the wires that end up a tangled mess. Bosign makes these sleek cable organizers in a variety of colors and sizes. We’re particularly fond of the white case with a dark wood top.

To keep your desktop supplies organized, we’d grab this concrete tape dispenser and this pencil holder from Tove Adman. The concrete of these pieces with the wood of the cable organizer just feels so natural and homey.


Sometimes you just need to shut off the overhead florescent lights and nest in your space. So for that, we’d grab one of these lamps from Tove Adman, which are made out of concrete and walnut and happen to be part of the office set we mentioned above.

No desk is complete without a little something that makes it personal. If your desk space gets even the slightest bit of natural light, take one of these mini copper pots from Skultuna and plant a dainty succulent. The pop of natural color is a great addition for any workspace. And bonus, if you’re in an office environment that lets you have open flames, add some matching copper candle holders and burn some calming scents.


Ordning & Reda, which is Swedish for “neat and tidy,” makes the perfect notebook to add a statement pop of color to this desk’s otherwise muted color palette. We like the Libro-style notebook in yellow. We’d take this notebook to meetings when we want to make an impression – but we’d use this legal pad from Whitelines at our desk to keep our running to-do list at an arm’s length.

Then, we’d fill in our pencil holder with these pens and these pencils from Ballograg for an additional sprinkle of color.

And last, but certainly not least, we’d make sure we had a candy jar stocked full of our favorite treats, like Swedish Fish and salty licorice, because we can’t make it through the work day without a little candy.

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