In the News: About That Six-Hour Work Day…

Photo: Kabelleger / David Gubler

In the News

In the News: About That Six-Hour Work Day…

Each week our editors share a handful of Swedish stories that catch our attention.

The world has been intrigued with some Swedish companies’ idea of a six-hour work day. The idea may not become reality. Bloomberg reported this week that while the two-year experiment of a shorter workday has many positives, the big takeaway is that it is too costly. Oh, well. Don’t tell our bosses we may “experiment” a little longer.

Also in the news…

Wireless Charging Buses

Electric buses that can wirelessly recharge in seven minutes are being tested in Stockholm. According to Curbed, the 755 line in Södertälje is testing the buses, which need to be charged overnight, and the wireless technology is improving efficiency.

43 New Swedish Words to Master

Trumpifiering and Dylanman are among the 43 new words the Swedish Language Council have added to the Swedish language this year, according to The Local. No word yet if trumpifiering (trumpifying) will catch on here in the States. And Pokenad? It pairs the popular Pokémon Go app with the Swedish word for walking. How many tries will it take for our iPhone’s autocorrect to remember all these words?

Staying Underground

Travel + Leisure highlighted the Sala Silvermine Underground, a single suite in Västmanland, Sweden that is 508 feet underground, making it the world’s deepest underground suite. The hotel gives people the chance to experience a silver mine that dates 500 years. Rates for the room match the history, starting at about $530. We’re wondering if pizzas can be delivered to guests during their stay?

Google Adds Limes (Audio) to the Mix

TechCrunch reported this week that Google is acquiring Limes Audio, a Swedish company that improves the quality of voice calls, to improve the quality of its Hangouts. Sounds good to us!

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