In the News: Video by Swedish duo Goes Viral

Still from "Swedish Fika is the Key to World Peace"

In the News

In the News: Video by Swedish duo Goes Viral

Could the Swedish tradition of fika be the key to World Peace? It is if you ask Oskar Kongshöj and Gustaf Mardelius, the duo behind the catchy and viral hit “Swedish Fika is the Key to World Peace.”

9GAG posted their video to Facebook earlier this month and in just two days, the music video racked up more than 6 million views. Kongshöj and Mardelius together make up Go Royal Productions and are known for producing funny, quirky music videos about Swedish culture and daily life.

Also in the news…

Another Debut to Add to Your Playlist

Dark pop duo, Snow Culture debuted its single, “The Box,” earlier this week and finally revealed their identity: Ana Diaz and Oskar Sikow. At the beginning of the year, Snow Culture released its first debut “No Sleep,” only revealing them as “A” and “O.” Billboard caught up with them in this first exclusive interview where they share a bit about themselves and why Stockholm is the mecca for pop.

Need more Swedish pop? Check out the New Nordic Playlist on Apple Music.

‘Cyborg’s’ Becoming a Routine

How far are you willing to go for convenience in the work place? A Swedish startup, Epicenter, is offering microchip implants that function as swipe cards to open doors, operate printers and even buy smoothies, all with the wave of hand. The microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, is injected in the employee’s hand by syringe. According to the Associated Press, about 150 employees now have them and encourage others to get them.

A Thing or Two We Can Learn from Sweden

Earlier this week, Huffington Post shared 5 Things Sweden Does Better than America, which includes fika, of course, pop music, style and more.

Head to Stockholm for Easter

Looking to getaway for a long weekend this Easter? Forbes says Stockholm is one of the places you should go for a mini getaway. Getting to Europe never has been more affordable (you can fly from NYC to Stockholm for less than $600), and Stockholm is filled with trendy districts, shopping, activities and more.

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