Even More Swedish Instagram Accounts to Follow

Photos: Martin Olson


Even More Swedish Instagram Accounts to Follow

When we’re stuck behind a desk under the florescent beams of the office, we like to take a 10-minute break to scroll through our Instagram feed, dreaming about what’s on the other side…of the ocean that is. We’ve pulled together five more Swedish Instagram accounts that highlight some of the most beautiful, interesting and unknown views from across the country.


This is a smaller account, with only 8,200 followers, but we love scrolling through the beautiful images that capture the lesser-known sites and sounds of Sweden.


This is the official Instagram account of Malmo Tourism. Mostly shots of exteriors and landscapes, but you’ll occasionally come across a post about a must-stop shops.


This account rounds up the best images from the #explorestockholm hashtag. This is another great account to see cool shots of the city.


Another official tourism account, the Skane account offers up beautiful images of sunsets, landscapes, and of course, delicious food.


This is the one personal account we thought we’d include. This account belongs to Martin Olson, a photographer and filmmaker who has captured some amazing shots of the Swedish outdoors.

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