Swedish Camping Gear To Pack On Your Next Trip

Swedish camping gear - vest, jacket and pack
Photo: Haglöfs

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Swedish Camping Gear To Pack On Your Next Trip

The dog days of summer are almost behind us, and we already can feel the crisp, cool air on our noses. Fall is one of the best times to get out and enjoy nature – the weather is ideal, the scenery is amazing and it’s a nice reward for those of us who had blazing hot summers. Before you head out on your next camping or hiking adventure, take stock of your supplies, and fill in the gaps with some Swedish camping gear. From shoes to tents, this list has you covered.


Fjällräven is a great go-to for all of your backpacking, hiking and camping essentials. It features a wide variety of sleeping bags, tents and bags for whatever level of trip you’re planning. But if you’re looking for the experts, go to Hilleberg The Tentmaker. This company originally started off selling forestry equipment before finding its niche making tents – which you can buy for a single sleeper up to a group of 14.

Photo: Haglöfs


A lot of Swedish retailers carry pants and tops that are good for hiking (like this awesome moose beanie from Sätila), but we’re thinking about some of the most important pieces – jackets and shoes. Haglöfs has a great line of jackets and outerwear for any time of weather you may encounter. Like all good eco-friendly companies, its down is traceable, and its processes have been optimized to help reduce its environmental impact. The company only ships directly to Europe and Asia, but you can find some of its gear at Backcountry.com.

Moving down to your feet, you know we like Icebug, which makes studded and unstudded boots and running shoes for your all-terrain adventures. But if you’re looking for a good, insulated boot that will keep your feet warm and dry, check out the rubber boot selection from Tretorn. It has options for both men and women, although the ladies have a few more products to choose from.

Accessories + Extras

For gloves tailor-made for a variety of outdoor activities, Hestra has you covered – literally. Hestra works hand-in-hand with the Swedish and Norwegian ski teams to get ideas and inspiration for its products. The company uses hides and skins for many of its products, and it even sells its own leather balm to keep your gloves protected.

If you made a thicker blanket using our IKEA Frakta bag hacks from over the summer, that could serve as a perfect base to lay in the bottom of your tent or for setting out on your campsite to eat a meal on.

Last but not least, don’t forget your Swedish torch, which is perfect for staying warm, cooking and, our favorite, roasting marshmallows.

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