The Ultimate Swedish Easter Basket

Easter Eggs for the Ultimate Swedish Easter Basket

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The Ultimate Swedish Easter Basket

When Americans think of Easter morning, baskets of goodies and Easter egg hunts come to mind. Sweden is a bit different, with celebrations involving witches and paper eggs.

But children, both Swedish and American, rejoice over the holiday’s commonality: candy.

Last year, we visited Sockerbit, the New York-based candy shop that specializes in Swedish and Scandinavian goodies. With Easter just around the corner, we checked out its offerings and put together our ideal Swedish Easter basket.

Colorful Easter Eggs

Instead of Easter baskets filled with candy, like we do here in the United States, Swedes fill colorfully decorated paper/tin eggs, and Sockerbit has some beautiful options.

If you are planning on using your own candy, Sockerbit offers unfilled eggs, but if you’re short on time, order them already filled with treats.

And get this: Sockerbit will even custom fill eggs according to your favorite candies. 

For the chocoholic

We gave up sweets for Lent, and while our sugar cravings have subsided after almost 40 days of sweet deprivation, we still want (need) chocolate. Sockerbit has a few chocolate options from traditional foil-wrapped mini eggs to chocolate covered almonds.

Something for every taste bud: gift boxes

The Swedes have their sweet gummies. They have their sour gummies. And we know they have their salty licorice gummies. Sockerbit offers boxes of the three types of candy, so no matter your gummy preference, there is something for you. Each box comes split into four squares and holds four types of sweets (or sours or salts).

In the spirit of the holiday: gummy eggs

There is something completely adorable about these sunny-side up gummy eggs. And since Easter is all about the eggs – for Swedes and Americans – it had to be included in this basket.

All the tchotchkes, all the trinkets

Growing up, our Easter baskets typically were filled with an assortment of candy and cutesy trinkets. Luckily, Sockerbit has both covered.

  • All we want right now is to sample/smell this heavenly-looking lingonberry body scrub. It’s a bit pricey at $24.50, but bath items tend to last a while, so it’s worth the investment.
  • We may have grown out of our wooden block days, but these dala horses (and other wooden animals/cars) make us wish we were five again. (Side note: these would make a perfect baby shower gift!)
  • And if the precious wooden horses weren’t enough, how about these dishes? Calling all parents of young children: the dishes are plastic, aka childproof. Our personal faves are the swimster set and the light pink circus girl. While the dishes are charming, they also are useful and won’t be tossed in the trash after a few days (like the time mom sent this senior in college a wind-up fluffy chick).

Sockerbit is the perfect one-stop shop for Easter this year. From candy to eggs to tchotchkes, it has it all.

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