Decorating a dream bedroom with Swedish products

Photo: Patrik Svedberg and Adam Danielsson for A2 Designers

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Decorating a dream bedroom with Swedish products

In a dream world, where our wallets run deep, budgets are nonexistent, international shipping and krona-to-dollar conversions don’t matter, we’ve fantasized about the perfect Swedish bedroom space.

Full of cozy, simple products, this dream room screams Swedish minimalism – and maybe a little bit of hygge if you’re into that (our room is definitely not lagom).



For the bed, sticking with something simple with clean lines makes the most sense – since we’re going to embellish the room a bit. We’re liking the Brusali bedframe from IKEA as an anchor point. On both sides, we’d need to get matching end tables. We like the look of contrasting colors of woods, making the Svenska Stå by Scandinavian Design an excellent counterpart to the bed. To finish it off, we’d hang a mod see-through lamp from Design House Stockholm above each table, and we’d get a great accent chair from Swedese (because even in a dream world we’ve got to throw our laundry somewhere).


Any good room has a good rug to help make everything pop. Since our color palette is primarily navy, we think having a little bit of yellow and grey would help add a pop of color – like with this hemp rug from Brita Sweden. On the bed, we’ll throw a couple of these pillows from Huset, and we’ll drape the grey Sun Village blanket from Klippan on the corner of the bed.


Even though we’ll likely throw our clothes on that chair, let’s go ahead and add a laundry hamper – for good measure. We love this Korbo wire basket, simple and chic. Then on some strategically placed shelves, we’d add several of these Sagaform candle holders and some of these pretty pink flower vases from Cooee Design. Top it off with an interesting wall mirror from A2 Designers, and we’re just a few mental moments away from cozying up and falling asleep in our new Swedish oasis.

While some of these products are only available in Sweden, many are sold through retailers around the world. If you find something you like, you may get lucky with a stateside distributor.

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