3 Swedish Retailers with Different Approaches to Denim

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3 Swedish Retailers with Different Approaches to Denim

Cameron Diaz is credited with saying, “I’m like every other woman: a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear: So I wear jeans.”

Don’t we all…

Here are three Swedish retailers who have made names for themselves but have taken different approaches to denim.

Tiger of Sweden jeans
Photo: Tiger of Sweden AB

Tiger of Sweden

Founded in 1903 in a small town along the west coast of Sweden, the Swedish suit company has come a long way. Tiger of Sweden has survived in the face of governmental buyouts, ownership changes and an ever-fluctuating market. What once was a business that sold only top-quality suits, it has transformed into a modern clothing brand for both men and women, continually inspired by their mantra, “A Different Cut.” Tiger set out to remove the stodginess associated with business suits and create a suit that could be dressed down and worn as separates – something with 24/7 wear-ability.

And the name Tiger? Originally dubbed Schwartzman & Nordstrom after its two founders, a popular suit style “Tigerklader” caught on with patrons, and the company has been called Tiger ever since.

Now Tiger sells a wide-range of clothing, but has recently spun off a separate brand for denim, Tiger of Sweden Jeans.

Suits are one of the most classic items of clothing, but jeans also have passed the test of time. Tiger designers knew if they could successfully reinvent the suit, they could tackle denim. Prices range from about $90.00 to $500.00 Kronor per pair.

Nudie Jeans
Photo: Tim Parker

Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans is a Swedish-born company offering clothing primarily for men with a focus on jeans and denim. Founded in 2001 by Maria Erixon, Nudie Jeans Co. is all about user experience.

Before purchased, jeans are “dry.” Many denim retailers sell jeans that are prewashed and distressed, but Nudie Jeans prides itself in the high quality of their raw “dry” jeans… and leaves its wearer to transform them. Its website puts this to words: “The touch, smell and deep blue shade of raw, unwashed denim fabric is evidence of true craftsmanship. And it’s there, in the dry denim and in the subsequent act of breaking-in a pair of dry denim that the heart of Nudie Jeans lies.”

Photos of newly-purchased jeans differ immensely from photos of the same pair worn for six weeks, and again the same pair worn for 24 weeks. Nudie Jeans are not meant to sit in the closet until a special occasion; they are meant to be worn on adventures. The more adventure, the more character your jeans will take on. That said, Nudie Jeans are pricier with pairs ranging from $165-$750, so those looking to make that investment should know that they will change with time and wear.

Cheap Monday jeans
Photo: torbakhopper

Cheap Monday

In November 2000, Örjan Andersson, Adam Friberg and two of their friends opened a small secondhand store in the Stockholm suburbs named “Weekend” because it was only open Saturdays and Sundays. Weekend was met with resounding success, so the group opened a larger store in central Stockholm that was open all week and given the very-fitting name, Weekday.

Quality denim is expensive, but Andersson felt there was a need for a jean that was more affordable without sacrificing fashion. The style “Tight” was born – an unwashed, extremely-fitted, stretch denim. The style was so popular (800 pairs were sold within weeks) it became a brand of its own, Cheap Monday!

Today, more than 10 years later after launching in 2004, Cheap Monday has expanded from its denim cornerstone to sell a full range of affordable clothing for both men and women. In addition, Cheap Monday ships directly to 18 different countries (unfortunately not the United States), and many U.S. servicing retailers like Urban Outfitters, Asos and Revolve offer Cheap Monday in their collections.

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