The Five: Swedish cooking websites

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The Five: Swedish cooking websites

Swedish food is so much more than meatballs and pea soup. There’s a whole food culture just waiting to be discovered, and we searched the depths of the internet to find the best Swedish cooking and baking websites. The result is five go-to websites for bringing the culinary magic of Swedish cooking to every home kitchen. 

Swedish Pancake – Swedish Freak

Swedish Freak brings Swedish home cooking to the forefront with old-time family recipes and favorites passed around amongst friends. Spritz cookies, egg coffee, lingonberry jam and Swedish pancakes are just a few of the culinary treats you’ll find here. The website is dedicated to everything Swedish including culture, language, holidays and more.

All Recipes

All hail, All Recipes. Leave it to the tried and true, All Recipes to come through with a pretty comprehensive Swedish recipe section. They have a recipe for just about anything you could ever want to whip up, but their Swedish section, specifically, boasts over 110 trusted Swedish recipes– complete with reviews, ratings and cooking tips. Hummercocktail Hummercocktail promises to provide “Swedelicious recipes,” and it delivers that, along with so much more. Visitors to the website will find recipes for everything from cardamom cream buns to cheese pie and rhubarb cocktails. The website also provides advice on baking brown bread, visiting Sweden and Swedishfoodpedia to help answer any Swedish food question you might have.

Toreq Taylor’s 

Based on the television series, Nordic Cookery, Toreq Taylor provides a new look at Nordic cuisine. The website allows visitors to watch episodes of the show by choosing one of the locations Toreq Taylor visited with additional information about each location. In addition, every recipe for the starters, main dishes, side dishes and desserts featured in the episodes is available for home cooks. It’s the perfect opportunity to try out the local Nordic cuisine from different areas of Sweden. (What’s Cooking with Leila) 

Leila’s is the place to go for Swedish culinary creativity and style. Almond Bread with Dried Fruit, English Muffins, Tortano, Banana Cream Pie, Flourless Brownies and Tosca Cake are just a few of the baked treats you’ll find to fill the kitchen with the warmth and sweet aroma characteristic of Swedish baking. The simple and easy-to-follow directions combined with beautiful pictures makes this one of our favorites for easy dinner recipes, pastries and breads, drinks and desserts. Leila’s section for style ideas and crafts is an added bonus.

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