In the News: Sweden’s King meets Sweden’s Olympic Gold Medalists

In the News

In the News: Sweden’s King meets Sweden’s Olympic Gold Medalists

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In the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Sweden brought home 14 medals!

And Swedes across the world couldn’t be prouder, including King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, who had an opportunity to meet with some of the gold medalists. The Swedish Royal Court’s official Instagram account captured the King’s excitement to meet the elite athletes, including Anna Haag, Charlotte Kalla, Ebba Andersson and Stina Nilsson. Check out his moment of excitement on People.

Also in the news… 

A new dairy-free option is expected to have uptick in the United States

Over the past few years, non-dairy milk sales have soared with almond milk, soy milk and coconut milk being the most popular of the dozens of alternatives. According to Food & Wine, another alternative soon will be found everywhere. Swedish oat milk company Oatly entered the U.S. market almost a year ago and is becoming the preferred non-dairy milk by baristas across New York. Oat milk has a similar taste and texture to whole milk, and its production is significantly better than several nut milks for the environment.

Sweden gets its very first 3-Michelin-star restaurant

Michelin released its 2018 stars for Nordic countries, and Denmark and Sweden tied for having the most starred restaurants in the guide, according to Eater. Three of those stars were earned by Chef Björn Frantzén who reopened his restaurant, Frantzén, in September 2017 after expanding into a bigger space. This is the first time Sweden has ever had a three-star restaurant.

IKEA expanding its menu with a new vegan option

Speaking of great dining, IKEA announced it will be adding a vegan, plant-based hotdog to its Bistro’s menu. The megastore may not be earning a Michelin star in its future, but it is known for having delicious Swedish meatballs and faire. The Veggie dog is being tested in a Malmö store and will become available in European stores in August 2018.

Interesting facts about the Swedish Vallhund

If you need a daily dose of cuteness, then check out this roundup of “11 things you don’t know about the wolf corgi” aka the Swedish Vallhund. This breed is estimated to date more than a thousand years in Sweden during the time of the Vikings.

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