Sweden Sells Seaweed By The Seashore

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Sweden Sells Seaweed By The Seashore

Try saying that headline five times fast.

For some of us, when we’re out in the ocean and the slimy, greenish, brownish seaweed tendrils make their way in between our toes and around our legs, we turn up our noses and say, “Blech.” But, those who are more versed in the vast benefits of this biodiverse plant beg to differ.

When we talked to Monica Kylén from L:a Bruket, we were amazed by the company’s seaweed harvest in Sweden’s Kattegat Sea.  She gave us a slew of seaweed benefits that make its inclusion in L:a Bruket’s skincare products a perfect blend. Some of Kylén’s thoughts on those benefits include:

  • “Seaweeds draw from the sea an incomparable wealth of mineral elements, macro-elements, vitamins and trace elements.” (Check out this American Scientist article on the science of seaweeds to learn more about their composition.)
  • “The Iodine or Iodine-Protein complexes that are prevalent in seaweed are essential for the thyroid gland, to regulate the body’s metabolism.” (Healthline has outlined some interesting health benefits from seaweed.)
  • “Traditionally the curative properties of seaweed have been known and used to treat various wounds, bruises and swellings. Seaweed Alginates are used as a dressing for severe burns/wounds.” (Science Direct talks about seaweed alginates in greater detail.)
  • “Seaweeds contain Algal polyphenols & Carotenoids, which have been proven to be powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that protect against cell damage inflicted by molecules called oxygen-free radicals, which are a major cause of disease and aging.” (Berkeley Wellness has some insights on seaweeds’ antioxidant properties.)
  • “Seaweed has been used as an effective treatment for conditions like Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis and Acne.” (Case in point? Kim Kardashian used seaweeds to help her psoriasis.)

There are a ton of products out there that utilize seaweed and its health and wellness benefits. L:a Bruket for one, but True Organic of Sweden is another Swedish skincare company that uses seaweeds in its products.

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