SVEA: Home Of The Viking Breakfast

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SVEA: Home Of The Viking Breakfast

CHICAGO – When in Rome, or shall we say Andersonville, do what the locals do. And for the residents of Andersonville, a Swedish neighborhood on the North Side of Chicago, that is to dine at SVEA.

The tiny, diner-style eatery serves authentic Swedish cuisine from meatball smörgås to Swedish fruit soup to pickled herring. But what this eatery is known for is the Viking Breakfast – two eggs, two Swedish pancakes with lingonberry compote, falukorv sausage, potatoes and toast.

Earlier this year, one of our Umgås writers took a trip to Chicago, so naturally she stopped by SVEA to indulge in a Viking Breakfast and a few other Swedish dishes.

The Swedish-themed diner can be spotted from blocks away thanks to its bright blue and yellow awning, and the Swedish culture and decor doesn’t stop there. As soon as guests walk through the front door, they are greeted with the same color scheme, dozens of dala horses, Viking ships and other trinkets representing Swedish culture.

The casual setting offers a cozy and homey ambiance that is welcoming to all. Diners during our visit ranged from young adults looking to cure their hangovers with a good and greasy breakfast to families and a group of ladies who coincidentally were speaking to each other in Swedish.

And the Viking Breakfast lives up to its reputation. The Limpa toast was dense with a rich rye flavor, and the Swedish pancakes had an eggy texture that paired nicely with the sweet, yet tart, lingonberry jam – which also came with the Swedish meatballs.

When in Andersonville, be sure to check out SVEA, which offers a truly authentic Swedish experience.

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