Five Tips To Survive The Holidays Like A Swede

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Five Tips To Survive The Holidays Like A Swede

Scandinavia and Nordic countries are always ranked by the U.N. as some of the happiest countries. Why is that? One word, lagom. The Swedes are masters of finding and maintaining that balance, even when it’s hard – like during the holidays.

Let’s take a few tips from the Swedes on staying cool, calm and collected this holiday season.

Don’t stress over décor

More is less, so use lagom as a guide to keep the holiday décor a little more subtle and avoid any unnecessary stress (or injuries).

Have more meaningful conversations

Swedes are known for their reserved and calm style of conversation, so try to ignore the lulls and moments of silence. Take the time to listen and reflect before responding to your relative’s slew of questions.

Get outside

Head outdoors to breathe in the crisp winter air and reconnect with the world outside your home. Even the babies in Sweden indulge in the weather by napping outside, at least until it’s too cold.

When in doubt, fika

Fika is a Swedish tradition usually spent with others enjoying a coffee and pastry, but you can always fika alone and enjoy in an additional pastry or two (or three, we won’t tell).

Retail therapy

In Sweden, the big sale, or “mellandagarna,” happens right after Christmas and before New Year’s Eve. Spend your holiday cash on some stylish new threads like these so you head into the New Year looking as cool as the Swedes do.

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