Four Summer Hacks with the IKEA Frakta Bag

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Four Summer Hacks with the IKEA Frakta Bag

Is the rest of your summer filled with outdoor activities like movies in the park, picnics, cookouts, beach trips,concerts and more? Then it’s time to get crafty with these simple DIY hacks that repurpose our favorite IKEA bag.

Create functional outdoor and summer gear (at a fraction of the cost!) that can be used during just about any activity.

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Blue Bag Blanket by IKEA

All you need is six large IKEA bags and a few extra supplies, and you’re ready to make a padded blanket perfect for any outdoor event. Choose a duvet or blanket (for cushion) and any piece of linen lying around (IKEA used tea towels) to create a stylish side that will serve as a comfortable seat. The Frakta bags, which are weather-proof and easy-to-wipe, will be used for the ground-side. Follow the full instructions here. 

Ultralight Backpack by Liff Outdoors

Create an ultralight, multi-purpose backpack for hiking, camping, canoeing and other outdoor activities. This DIY IKEA hack requires the $4 Frakta Bag, not the large, $0.99 one. The final backpack can support up to 55 pounds, has four water-resistant pockets, a pad to sleep on and several more features. Learn to create this multi-functional pack from Liff Outdoors below.

Frakta Fanny Pack

Traveling to a big city, attending a festival or visiting an amusement park? Keep your important personables, like your phone, ID, credit cards and cash safe and close in a homemade Frakta fanny pack. All you need is a regular Frakta, a pair of scissors and a sewing machine. The Sorry Girls show you step-by-step how to make the Fanny Pack in this YouTube round-up of IKEA Bag DIYs.

Swimwear for All Shapes and Sizes?

Ikea-inspired swimwear is certainly… interesting. Create your very own Frakta swimwear with a few IKEA bags, some scissors and lots of creativity. IKEA Hackers rounds-up a few ideas for inspiration: from a tankini to a strappy bikini. While they don’t quite tell you how to make each garment, they definitely serve up some inspiration!

Photo via IKEA Hackers

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