Hearing Sweet Sounds through Sudio Headphones

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Hearing Sweet Sounds through Sudio Headphones

Almost everywhere you go, someone is blocking out the noise of the world by wearing headphones.

Sudio is revolutionizing the way we listen on the go. The Stockholm-based company produces six styles of headphones that primarily are hand-made and designed to be “suitable for every occasion.”

We caught up with Jonas Wistrand, the co-founder of Sudio, to ask him about the business and what makes its headphones so unique.

What sets Sudio apart from other brands of headphones?

We believe that the industry will look completely different in five years. Earphones will become an accessory, just like watches, wallets, etc. Every model in the Sudio collection says something about who you are, what you stand for and what you like. Our team is dedicated in our mission of making earphones that people actually want to wear. The work ethic around the office is incredible, and I think this is because people can really see we are making a difference. In general, Sudio’s employees are young adults from various parts of the world – everywhere from Korea to Colombia, France and Australia. It’s what makes our team truly special.

Why make each set by hand?

We have 100 percent control over the drivers and can tune the music just the way we want. 

How has Sudio embraced its Swedish heritage?

Sweden is extremely successful in the music business, calculated per capita. Making earphones is, in a way, part of our heritage. We’re inspired by the success Sweden has found in music, technology and design; all of these traditions come together in our earphones.

How has being located in Sweden been helpful to the company?

Sweden has a good reputation abroad, and it makes us stand out – especially in Asia. Because we have a growing international community here in Stockholm, we’re also able to attract a lot of diverse talent to our head office. 

What’s next for Sudio?

We have a couple of new products coming out in September that we are very excited about. They will be revealed during the IFA show in Berlin (September 1-6, 2017).

Each style of Sudio headphones are sold in a variety of colors and can be purchased online. Sudio has included a discount code for Umgås readers: Type in UMGAS15 at checkout, and receive 15 percent off your purchase.

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