Style Guide for Your Midsummer Celebration

Flower crowns are an essential part of a perfect Midsummer outfit.


Style Guide for Your Midsummer Celebration

The Midsummer holiday is a time for grand celebration for Swedes all over the world. In Sweden, Midsummer takes place in the countryside – starting with Midsummer Eve on a Friday between June 19-25 – as

H&M Off-the-shoulder Blouse

children are getting out of school and before Swedes leave town for vacation. Celebrations include dancing, playing games and enjoying traditional Swedish foods and beverages. But what do you wear to a Midsummer celebration? What makes a perfect Midsummer outfit?

In short – summer colors and flowers are everywhere. Here are a few tips if you want to fit in as Swedes celebrate one of their biggest holidays of the year…

Choose clothes that are light and airy. If you’re participating in classic Midsummer activities, you’ll be dancing and running around, and the weather likely will be on the warmer side. This flowy blouse from H&M would be

perfect for the ladies to rock outdoors.

Wear colors that remind you of summer. Some women wear traditional Swedish attire or white, lace dresses. However, floral patterns or light-colored gowns are a beautiful way to incorporate the celebration into your attire – like with this slip dress from Acne Studios has great tie-dyed vibes. Men also can be found in either traditional attire or a simple, light-colored shirt. Guys, this modern-take on the classic Hawaiian shirt from WESC is sure to be a winner.

Make and wear a flower crown! Beautiful on everyone, the flower crown is the epitome of Midsummer. All you need in order to create one is a bundle of flowers (about 45 blossoms), floral cloth wire, floral tape and scissors. You also can buy kits online to save a little time.

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