Staying in Stockholm on the cheap


Staying in Stockholm on the cheap

They say that travel expands the mind. While certainly true, it also has the ability to shrink the bank account.

However, with a little savvy, know-how and access to the internet, you can broaden your mind without needing to take on a second job to pay for it. If you’re willing to consider a bit of sharing, you can visit and stay in Stockholm through Airbnb for as little as £14.

Photo via Acco Hostel, airbnb
Photo via Acco Hostel, airbnb

Shared Dorm Accommodation

£14 per night

You really can’t go wrong with the price at this hostel. OK, you will have to share the room with up to 11 others and have your own bed linen, but the good news is you do get your own bed, access to a kitchen, TV, bathroom essentials, internet connection and a washer and dryer. But, you can enjoy a long-stay discount or discounts for groups of 10 or more for a fun friends’ weekend.


airbnb 3
Photo via Krister, airbnb

2 Bed Private Apartment

£20 per night

This place is ideal for a couple of friends traveling together. The sleeping arrangements consist of two sofa beds in a living room. However, you do have all the essentials you need in addition to kitchen access, privacy and 24-hour check-in. One of the other benefits of this accommodation is that it’s listed as family-friendly and is accessible to those who are less mobile.



Photo via Gil, airbnb
Photo via Gil, airbnb

2 Beds, 3 Guests Private Room

£25 per night

This is definitely an option for close friends or family groups as it will involve a bed share for at least two people. However, it’s also one of the few at this end of the price range that allows guests at just a small extra charge. You will need to provide a security deposit for this accommodation and, for your money, you get access to a kitchen and internet. Another benefit is that it’s only five minutes from Flemingsberg train station.


airbnb 1
Photo via Anita, airbnb

1 Bed Private Room 

£29 per night

If the sharing life isn’t for you, you can consider a single room in a small tree-room apartment. Here you can enjoy internet access, heating, kitchen access and free parking. If you’re a smoker, then this is one of the few places that will actually let you smoke indoors; only in the kitchen, however.

Now for an important disclaimer: the prices we’ve given don’t include additional charges/fees that may be unique to each listing.

Happy hunting, and enjoy your time in Stockholm!

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