Stay In And Celebrate International Coffee Day Without Leaving Home

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Stay In And Celebrate International Coffee Day Without Leaving Home

In Sweden, savoring a cup of coffee and indulging in baked treats is a cultural tradition.

This social activity is called fika and is more than just a coffee break. It’s a time during the day to disconnect from the fast pace of society and engage in face-to-face connections. Fika is a chance to spend quality time with people and get to know them better, whether it’s friends, family, a co-worker or yourself.

For International Coffee Day (Sept. 29), let’s take a few pointers from the Swedish tradition. Celebrate the holiday with a few moments of solace from the comfort of your home with these Scandinavian goods.

“Fika: The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break” ($9.95 on Amazon)

Learn more about the beloved Swedish tradition with “Fika: The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break” by Anna Brones and Johanna Kindvall. The book will help you get in the right attitude to appreciate your coffee break on International Coffee Day.

Fika Poster ($15)

Whether your fika gathering is a party of one or many more, décor is a must-have to set the mood. Having this poster in your space will be a reminder to reset your mindset and slow down for the coffee break.

Coffee Socks ($14)

Keep your feet warm with these festive socks from Happy Socks so you can’t forget what holiday it is even if you try.

Skandinavvisk Hemslojd Coffee Scoop ($11)

This classic Scandinavian coffee scoop from Huset is handmade from juniper wood and will measure the correct amount of coffee perfectly to get you caffeinated. 

Överst Metal Coffee Filter ($9.99)

Give yourself a more stylish way to brew with this sleek filter from IKEA that gives your coffee a richer flavor.

IKEA ÖVERST Metal coffee filter

Bag of Coffee ($6.99)

Load your coffee pot with your favorite Swedish coffee blend, like Gevalia, and be patient.

Image result for gevalia

Coffee Playlist

As your coffee brews, listen to Swedish artists like Gidge and Hosini courtesy of Spotify and “let the music wake your soul.” 

DIY Coffee Face Mask/Scrub (Tutorial)

After you finish brewing your Gevalia, save the grinds for this DIY face mask. Cleanse and exfoliate your pores with the extra coffee grounds to take advantage of the versatility of the beloved beverage.

Coffee Is Like a Hug in a Mug ($5.99)

Sit on your sofa with your hot (or cold) beverage and experience the most relaxing and satisfying International Coffee Day ever with this mug from H&M.

“Fika That” ($16.29 on Amazon)

Kick back with “Fika That! The Swedish Secret to Coffee, Caring & Connection” by Émile and Åsa Odbäck to learn more about Swedish culture and philosophy in an engaging way. This book offers coffee knowledge alongside uplifting quotes to captivate readers.

Vanilla Cookie ($5.99)

And fika is best when paired with a baked treat. These gourmet Swedish cookies from Unna Bakery will make your gathering unforgettable.

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